Mission Statement

Women’s Priorities and Perspectives

We believe the diversity and strength in women’s voices can change a world.  We believe women’s experiences must define a world that is free from fear, discrimination, and injustices. We believe women’s rights are human rights and must be part of any conversation to effect change. We believe women must continue to challenge the harms of inequity through political, social, and economic means.


  • We advocate for accessible and affordable healthcare services for all women.
  • We believe in reproductive freedom and support a woman’s right to choose.
  • We oppose discriminatory legislation and public policies that limit women’s access to health services (including those related to maternity, family planning, and reproductive health.)


  • We work to change the culture of blame for survivors of rape, assault and abuse.
  • We support government funding to provide human services for victims of violence against women. We support the Violence Against Women Act.

Social Justice

  • We fight against misogyny in our government, workplaces, and in our communities.
  • We hold the justice system accountable for gender inequities in the treatment of assault survivors and for perpetrators of violence against women.
  • We support legislation to expunge the records of all Human Trafficking survivors so they are able to build new lives and not have criminal records, resulting from their exploitation.

Economic Justice

  • We stand for equal compensation and opportunity for women.
  • We support workplace protections, including more inclusive family leave, affordable childcare opportunities, and a livable wage.
  • We support the enforcement of sexual harassment and sexual discrimination protections in the work place.

Political Representation

  • We fight for proportional political representation by women in all levels and all branches of government.
  • We advocate for increased transparency and accountability in our government.

Human Rights

  • We defend the dignity of all people and support rights for all women regardless of race, ethnicity, nation of origin, age, disability, sexual orientation and religion.
  • We work to protect the rights of all people, including immigrants and refugees, under the U.S. Constitution and international Human Rights Treaties.

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WST/ETJ is a community organization whose mission is to unite, organize and educate ourselves to protect our rights, our planet, and our democracy.